Cuyahoga County Breast Reduction Surgery Costs

Advanced Concepts is happy to offer our patients reasonable Cuyahoga County breast reduction surgery costs. While your procedure will depend on the extent of work that will be performed, there are three main fees associated with breast reduction surgery in Cuyahoga County. The first fee is the anesthesia fee. General anesthesia is typically used for breast reductions. The second fee is the facility fee. This fee is charged for the use of the facility where the procedure will take place. The third fee is the surgeon’s fee. This fee is usually the largest as it takes into account the surgeon’s time invested, his two decades of experience, consultations before and after the procedure and the surgery itself.  Dr. Robert Stroup, M.D., FACS is our Chief of Surgery and will be performing your breast reduction procedure.

Due to the chronic pain and discomfort caused by large breasts, most insurance companies cover the costs of the breast reduction. There is no need to deal with constant neck, shoulder and back pain or severe headaches. Meeting with Dr. Stroup is the first step in your journey to being comfortable and pain free. Do not be discouraged if your insurance plan does not cover the breast reduction costs. We work with a unique financing company named CareCredit. They offer a flexible monthly payment plan with many plans charging little or no interest. We also accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, cash and checks.

Advanced Concepts is committed to offering our patients affordable procedures along with the best care and best results possible.  Come see us and you will see why we are the best in our business.