Mayfield Facelift


Cosmetic procedures have grown in popularity exponentially in recent years. Popular procedures like a Mayfield face lift is only the beginning at Advanced Concepts. The growth of our industry has been led by an increase in effectiveness and a decrease in invasiveness thanks to state-of-the-art technology administered by practiced hands like those of our Dr. Robert. T. Stroup. Breast augmentations and face lifts in Mayfield Ohio are just two of the dozens of selections you have to choose from when looking to improve your face, body or breasts. Dr. Stroup prides himself on balancing safety with the benefits to the patient.


If you are looking for a tummy tuck or face lift in Mayfield Ohio, look no further. Browse our website to learn about the variety of treatments that we have available for both men and women. Whether you are looking for a cosmetic makeover, Botox or a skin care regimen, we can aid you in finding a renewed sense of self confidence. Dr. Stoup has put a special emphasis on breast surgery, body sculpting and facial cosmetic surgery in his training which ensures that you will have the results of your dreams when you get a Mayfield face lift. Dr. Stroup and his world-class staff invite you to visit our offices in South Euclid or Chardon and imagine the new you.


As a premier provider of Mayfield face lifts, Advanced Concepts is committed to helping you achieve excellence both inside and out. Our staff is dedicated to making our clients happy from the first visit to the ‘big reveal’ and beyond. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Stroup today and begin your journey towards a Mayfield face lift or any of our other tremendous possibilities.