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NAME: Jenna
AGE: 31
EMPLOYMENT: Administrator in an accounting firm
IMPLANT TYPE: 300 round filled to 320 cc
HEIGHT: 5' 2.5"



I guess when I look back, I was never really happy with my breast size. I am fairly small in both height and weight but my breasts were never full enough. (You can see what I am talking about in my "before"pictures.) Clothes never fit exactly the way I wanted them to.

I started thinking about having breast surgery as long ago as high school. But, I've only been thinking about it seriously for the last couple of years. It seems like I know more and more people who have had it done and they have all been satisfied with the results. This gave me a lot of encouragement.

My friends said to wait until I was finished having children so I waited a little longer. My parents and friends at work thought the whole idea was a little weird but basically they were encouraging.

My fiancé was also very supportive. When I step back to think about it, it didn't really make any difference what anyone said because I was doing it for me and me alone. I knew it would help to make me feel better about myself.

My income tax return motivated me to take the next step. I knew one of the Advanced Concepts staff members from my neighborhood. Also, I had already had micropigmentation (eyelids) done and a belly button ring put in at Advanced Concepts. I was very happy with the results and the way I was treated so I didn't even think about going anywhere else for my breast augmentation.


So, after thinking about it for so long, I finally picked up the phone and scheduled my initial consultation. When I went to the office, I found everyone to be very friendly. I love Dr. Stroup--he is just awesome and not at all like a lot of the stuffy type doctors you run into these days. He was very nice and really listened to me. Although I had done a lot of research, I wasn't really aware of how it all applied to me as an individual.

During our 45 minute meeting, we talked about all of the different types of implants and he made some suggestions that would help to accomplish the results I was looking for. I decided on the round implants but he recommended that they be placed below the muscle, rather than under the skin. This type of approach would result in a very natural appearance with all of the fullness I was looking for but without that fake-looking, perfectly symmetrical round shape that you see on a lot of actresses. This approach would also provide more protection for the implants.

Then, the computer imaging helped me to get a good idea of how I would look after the surgery. Once I saw the pictures, there was no going back as far as I was concerned. I finished the appointment with a meeting with the financial counselor so I didn't have to even think about that anymore. And I booked the surgery right on the spot for one month after the consultation.

I didn't have too many questions after the consultation but found the staff members very helpful when I did contact them.


I was more excited than nervous until the actual day of the surgery, which took place at 1:30 p.m. on a Thursday afternoon at a surgical center close to where I live. I did feel that everything had been explained to me so I felt as comfortable as I could under the circumstances. The center was nice and clean and everyone there was very friendly. I changed into a gown and the nurses ran my IV line. Dr. Stroup and I talked and then he used a blue pen like a magic marker to define the incision lines and the positioning of the implants.

I walked into the surgical suite and the anesthesiologist explained what they would be doing. Dr. Stroup, an Advanced Concepts nurse and another nurse were there also. They all stood around me to give me support. I was out like a light soon after I was given the general anesthesia and didn't feel a thing during the two-hour procedure.

I woke up in a quiet room where the nurses were getting me situated for recovery. I remember falling asleep on and off while they monitored me.  When I became a little more alert, one of the nurses walked me over to a reclining chair in the recovery area.  During the 90 minutes I was there, they gave me some juice and went over my home care instructions.

When I was getting dressed, I looked down and noticed that I was taped across my chest and that I had drainage tubes. I immediately thought the tubes looked a little like hand grenades so that's what I started calling them. The tape and the 'hand grenades' weren't painful, just a bit awkward.


That night at home, I felt pretty tired. I did experience some discomfort but it wasn't really actual pain.They had told me about bruising ahead of time but I was a little surprised when I first saw the bruises under my breasts. They did give me pain medication but it upset my stomach a little bit so I stopped after two days. I looked at myself for the first time on Friday and went 'yikes… they look big.' I also couldn't see my nipples because of the tape so I thought my breasts looked a little weird. I felt a sense of pressure around my chest for the first couple of days but then it went away. The 'hand grenades' had to be emptied a couple of times before they were removed.

At 1 ½ days, the nurse removed the tape around my breasts along with the drainage tubes. I was very relieved when they were removed because they were starting to make me nervous. When she took them off, I felt a pulling sensation and a slight burning but then I felt relieved and 'free.' They put on an elastic band and a sports bra which I was instructed to wear for three weeks.

They told me to plan my activities based upon how I felt and what I felt comfortable doing. By Sunday, I could pick up and hold my daughter. I probably could have gone to work on Monday, but since I had the day off, I took it.

The incisions were made in the nipple area with dissolving stitches. They became a little itchy and I did have to sleep on my back for over a week. But I'm sure you won't be able to see any scars once that area is fully healed.

I saw Dr. Stroup again one week after the surgery. He asked me questions about my recovery, examined my breasts and removed the dressings from the incision sites. He reminded me again that the stitches would dissolve on their own and instructed me to schedule another appointment with him in one month. After that, I will see him at six months and one year.

I'm so glad I took this step. I feel much better about myself already. I wish I could have skipped the recovery part but looking back now, it wasn't so bad and certainly worth every second of it. My fiancé and I are delighted with the results. I was also very pleased to discover that all sensitivity in my breasts has been fully restored.

I just tried on some tank tops and halters that I wore during my pregnancy and they fit perfectly. My overall appearance is much more proportionate than before.

The people at work and my friends were a little surprised because they had different ideas of what my outcome would be… huge and unnatural. That's not the look I wanted… it is the fullness I care about. Going up too many sizes would look very unnatural on my small size and Doctor Stroup helped me to understand this. Anyway, I did this for me.


Well, it's been a little over a year since my surgery and it is absolutely wonderful! I have had absolutely no problems with my implants, I feel great, I look great (my opinion of course, ha ha) and the different types of clothing I can now wear with comfort and confidence is the best. My implants have settled and look absolutely natural. People cannot believe that they are not my natural breasts. Since having my surgery, I have sent my sister-in-law and a couple of friends for consultations, and they have either had their surgeries (with rave reviews) or are going to have their surgeries in the near future.

Again, Dr. Stroup, along with his staff, did an excellent job! From the receptionists to the nurse and to the doctors, I cannot stress how helpful and friendly they all are. Other than having my daughter, who will be 2 this month, this was the best decision I have ever made.

I'm getting ready to go on a family vacation to Texas and for the first time in my life I have a "String Bikini", can't wait to hit the beaches and pools!