Tummy Tuck in Lake County Ohio

If you are looking for an effective and efficient way to improve your appearance and self-confidence, try the professionals at Advanced Concepts of Plastic Surgery. We offer a large number of plastic surgery procedures such as breast reductions, chin augmentations, Botox or a tummy tuck to Lake County Ohio residents. We do our best to make our patients feel comfortable and confident when making the decision to alter their appearance and improve their life. We truly care about the whole person, not just the patient. In addition to services like our Lake County tummy tuck, we offer specialized sculpting of the body, breasts and face.

Cosmetic surgery truly is an investment in personal well-being. Whether you are looking for a reconstruction or a total transformation, we do not believe that finances should hinder a patient’s ability to receive our life changing services. We understand that all of our clients have different needs and so we offer a flexible monthly payment option through CareCredit, which is specifically tailored to the necessities of cosmetic surgery recipients that receive anything from a Lake County Ohio tummy tuck to excess skin removal and more. We also accept all major credit cards, cash and checks. Do not let financial concerns delay the new you that comes with a tummy tuck in Lake County Ohio.

Advanced Concepts in Plastic Surgery offers more than just a tummy tuck in Lake County Ohio. We offer individualized care that caters to each client’s unique needs. We use the latest technology to guarantee the best results with the least amount of pain. Visit us soon and create the new you.